Emma's First Sketch

Weekend Warrior

Well, I was supposed to be taking a break this weekend from work, and I mostly did. But on Saturday I got a response from someone whose work has been stuck in my head for five years: Emmy Wahlbäck, the artist, writer, and overall aesthetics lead of Sanctum 2.

Sanctum 2 told the story of glossy, solarpunk colonists trying to integrate with a gorgeous alien world, a lot like the backdrop for Overhuman. It had sleek tech, alien natural beauty, and a healthy dose of grunge toward the end. It was an aesthetic that I found unforgettable.

I hadn't expected Emmy to respond to my email, but she did, and when we talked on video chat, it was delightful. It seems she never expected her work to hit someone that hard, but I think it's just a matter of two weirdlings from across the world having the same vibe by chance.

One look at her portfolio and I saw fae shapes and visions of ethereal beauty, vidid colors, empty yet expressive faces - it felt like a portal into the mind of a woman touched by the same pagan visions as I.

Already you can see she 'gets me' when it comes to character design. She took my grungy concept art, combed out the kinks and brambles, and turned our beloved main character into something sleek and gelfling-esque - I couldn't be happier.

Also, MONKEY CYBORG PAWS. Aren't they adorably gorgeous?